There is Love

“Well a man shall leave his mother and a woman leave her home
They shall travel on to where the two shall be as one

As it was in the beginning is now and til the end
Woman draws her life from man and gives it back again
And there is Love
There is Love”

{Via Peter, Paul & Mary}

Brides-Bouquet | Oh-Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Our girl is now a wife.  I blinked and MacKenzie grew up.

Here-Comes-the-Bride | oh-fiddle-dee-dee

Just like that.

Nervous-Bride | Oh-Fiddle-Dee-Dee

We experienced a lot of her nerves in the days ahead, but she was surprisingly calm the day of.

It was a lovely day filled with beautiful moments, joyous celebrations with those we hold dear to our hearts, sentimental memories, and happy tears.

Something-Old | Oh-Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Something old; a hat pin tucked into the brides bouquet that belonged to MacKenzie’s great-great-great Grandmother!

 We truly love Michael, cherish his adoration for MacKenzie, and look forward to including him in our crazy little family.

They-Said-I-Do | Oh-Fiddle-Dee-Dee

While we do not have the formal pictures of the big day, I do have these wonderful candid shots taken by my sister, brother-in-law, 10 year old niece, and myself!

{I’m sparing you the ones that reveal just how nutty we are!}


Simple alter decor

Enjoy these little glimpses of our celebration.

photo-shoot | oh-fiddle-dee-dee

I had to sneak a few pictures during the formal shots, especially when my children were involved.

My-Girls | Oh-Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Big-Sister | Oh-Fiddle-Dee-Dee

I Love this big sister/little sister moment

Wedding-Corsages | oh-fiddle-dee-dee

Sweet corsages for our young greeters

 I can’t wait to share more with you, including how we pulled it together out-of-state and without a coordinator!

Reception | Oh-Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Our reception table was a Southern version of an Antipasto Platter…

Cutting-the-Cake | Oh-Fiddle-Dee-Dee

MacKenzie asked me to make the cake… So I did.

Totally-Candid | Oh-Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Cinderella having her slippers removed

I also have a little list of resources just in case you are planning your own DIY wedding on a budget.

Bubble-Send-Off | Oh-Fiddle-Dee-Dee

A fun bubble send-off for the new bride & groom!

Honeymoon-Bound | Oh-Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Off to the mountains before returning to Greenville to make their home.

 Until I pull it altogether and as life returns to normal from the exhorbant amount of celebrating we have enjoyed the last several weeks, I hope that you enjoy the little teaser!


Graduation 2K17

It’s been a true Season of Change for our little family this year.  People often don’t welcome and celebrate change, but I have found a peace in it all that almost scares me!

{I totally used to stress over EVERYTHING.}

This week we marked a huge milestone in the life of our Madeline as she graduated high school.

Madeline is such an amazing child young woman and to tell you the truth I am looking forward to watching her soar off into the world.


Yes, my child wanted her senior pictures made at Starbucks…


Madeline is my baby girl; entering the world completely on her own terms which led to her daddy delivering her while her doctor sat in the lounge drinking her coffee!


She has continued to live her life on her own terms as Madeline is full of faith, passion, determination, wonder, compassion, hope, charity, love and fun.

Snow-Day | Oh-Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Sometimes these characteristics have gotten her in trouble, but I sincerely hope she carries them throughout her entire life!

Graduation | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

What is next for this youngest daughter of mine?

Cap-And-Gown | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

She is headed off to a Christian college in the fall on academic and Lacrosse scholarships where she will major in Biblical Studies and English; planning to go into ministry.  She has a desire to save the world and feels that this path is best for her.

Signing-Day | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Signing Day at Point University

Proverbs 3:6 says

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.”

Madeline has taken this to heart, and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes!

Peace-Out | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Peace Out High School!


The of Class of 2015

I’ve alluded to it many times the last couple of weeks, especially if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, but our daughter MacKenzie Grace graduated high school last week.

Complete with honors and accolades, this girl of ours walked the stage and received her diploma, ending a chapter in her life.


Graduation was met with mixed emotions.  MacKenzie was thrilled to end this part of her life, and I was a wee bit sentimental over it all.  Some how I managed to hold it all together while she walked the stage and now we are ready fort he next chapter to begin as she prepares to go off to college in August.  She was one of only 32 Honor’s grads in her class of 500, so to say that Audley and I are proud of her does not begin to describe how we feel.

Here is a glimpse of our graduation celebrations that brought in friends and family from six hours away to celebrate this special moment.

This is where I thought I was going to loose it .... She put on her cap for the final time.

This is where I thought I was going to lose it …. She put on her cap for the final time.

I loved having all of my children together for this special occasion; my step-daughter Samantha and her huband Justin drove in to stay with us!

I loved having all of my children together for this special occasion; my step-daughter Samantha and her husband Justin drove in to stay with us!

MacKenzie's best friend from back "home" surprised her by coming in for graduation!  We've been planning this treat since November and loved having Sara be a part of our special day!

MacKenzie’s best friend from back “home” surprised her by coming in for graduation! We’ve been planning this treat since November and loved having Sara be a part of our special day!

My three girls celebrating the day

My three girls celebrating the day

You have to love the bond between a brother and sister!

You have to love the bond between a brother and sister!

Of course Audley and I were super proud of this girl, just as we are proud of all our children!



No momentous occasion is complete without generation pictures ….. I loved having both sets of grandparents in from Alabama and Tennessee for this big day!


The Jones grandparents


Watkins Grandparents

For MacKenzie there was nothing but joy.




And the excitement at getting to be the center of attention for the evening.

Class of 2015

Class of 2015

What’s next for MacKenzie?


She applied to several colleges and universities and was accepted to every one of them.  After several road trips talking to admissions and recruiters, MacKenzie Grace will be attending the University of South Carolina in Columbia in the fall, majoring in Athletic Training.



We tried our best not to influence her in any way, but allow her to make the decision that fit her best, and it seems USC has exactly what she wants with the clearest plan to make her dreams happen.

And based on her text message I received just days ago when her rooming assignment arrived, we will be doing a lot of planning and decorating this summer.


And of course I will share it all with you!


Simple Sweet Sixteen Soiree

I’m not sure when it happened, but this little ray of sunshine ….
turned sixteen this month.

Sweet 16.
{I remember 16 …. It was a good year.}
Because of relationships both here and back “home” we decided to have two parties; a simple sleepover here with three of her closest girlfriends and then an old-fashioned BBQ with her friends and family at my parents house in Tennessee.It was a lot of work, but a whole lot of fun and everything turned out perfectly for this milestone event.

To help keep things simple and stay within our budget I planned both parties to have the same color scheme (pink & green), which saved a lot on decorations.  We also utilized much of what we already had including serving pieces, tea-light candles, diamonds, christmas lights and scrap lumber from my parents little farmette.

Here is just a little peek at how it came together and all turned out.

First up was a sleepover on MacKenzie Grace’s actual birthday.  Simple and girly all was fitting perfectly for her.

MacKenzie Grace is crazy about anything that sparkles & shines or dangles, so we incorporated a lot of that into her sleepover decor.

Madeline & Audley hanging up swirly, twirly decorations from the ceiling.
Fresh flowers, tiaras, faux diamonds, candlelight & balloons all added a little celebration flair to the festivities.
Pink lemonade was the perfect accompaniment to her party.
A dining room full of girly girl fluff!

Working against the horrible South Carolina humidity, I managed to make her cake fairly close to what she wanted.  My icing did not want to set up at all!

Cake & a little candy for the sweet loving teenage girls.

Dinner was was simple sliders with traditional burger toppings, baked beans, chips & salsa.

Easy, peasy.

That’s the name of the game!

A few of her favorite things!
Our fun-loving and beautiful birthday princess!
The cake must have taste pretty good …. they ate most all of it.

And after an entertaining game of truth or dare, karaoke along with manis & pedis, these girls settled in for a night of movies and laughter.

It was good, clean fun that you really can’t beat!

Party number two was a BBQ in Tennessee.  While we have lived all over the southeast, our roots belong in Tennessee & Alabama.  That is home as my children have spent most of their lives there.  “Home” means so much to them as they have lifelong friends who have always been special to them and remained true no matter where we have lived.  It is also where most of our family resides which makes visiting very special indeed.

Planning things from a distance can be a challenge, but my Momma was an awesome partner.  My father’s birthday was also to be celebrated at this second party so it was going to be big!

We had over fifty RSVP!

Once again I kept the menu simple, ordering BBQ from one of our favorite places in Alabama (Mud Creek BBQ).

Seriously, Southern Living needs to feature these guys.  They are a Tennessee Valley legend.

{They have good fried catfish, too.}

Momma made baked beans and I made homemade guacamole, peach salsa and tomato salsa.

We also ordered mustard slaw from Mud Creek.

{No BBQ sandwich is complete without it.}

Drinks were also kept simple and consisted of tea, lemonade and water.

Fresh squeeze lemonade…. my Momma is awesome!

I have learned over the years that a good party is not necessarily the quantity of the food, but most definitely the quality that will leave people talking.

FYI:  When setting up a buffet, ALWAYS place your forks and napkins at the end!  There is nothing more awkward than trying to balance fixing your plate and holding on to extra accessories.  The end of the line is a perfect place for them!

Daddy & Audley “built” our little party space which was decorated with twinkle lights and Chinese lanterns.

from my Instagram account

Colored tablecloths and simple centerpieces of floating candles & lime slices in Mason jars completed the space.

From my Instagram account

We kept the cakes simple as well …. nothing is refreshing as a Dairy Queen ice cream cake on a humid, Southern summer night!

Momma took care of ordering the cakes … thankfully Daddy has a good sense of humor!
Dad trying to be all prissy like his granddaughter …. I love his silliness!

 MacKenzie Grace truly loved sharing her party with her Pop!

63 & 16
1) the birthday girl was all smiles; 2) Blessing this milestone in life; 3)my beautiful Momma; 4) MacKenzie Grace & Summer (friends since pre-k); 5) my madeline & her bestie, Mallory

From start to finish, It was a perfect night!

from my Instagram account
Don’t you just love twinkle lights?!

I mentioned earlier MacKenzie Grace & her bond with lifelong friends.

It’s a bond that goes way back!

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