Just Ducky

We spent the latter part of last week with my parents as we made the transition from Alabama to South Carolina.  I had a few things in the freezer to clean out, so I cooked one last meal for my parents before the move.  Several weeks back we had a good friend bring us wild duck breasts after a weekend hunting trip, so I thought it would be perfect to serve.

Domestic duck in itself is an acquired taste, so I really wanted this fresh game to be delicious!   I  researched and discussed many ways to prepare it, and finally settled on kebobs.

I know, that doesn’t sound the most interesting thing I could’ve come up with, but with the Polynesian twist and served over Jasmine rice, they were quite delicious!

The duck kebobs were quite easy to prepare as well.  First, I soaked the wild duck in salt water for about four hours to help tenderize it as well as remove a little of the gamey taste (I do the same thing with fresh venison).  After rinsing the breast, they were cut into pieces that would easily thread a skewer.  I layered the breast with red bell pepper, pineapple, sweet onion and mushrooms. The kebobs were then seasoned with salt and pepper.

These would be simply delicious grilled, but it was 20 degrees and our charcoal just did not want to cooperate!  So, I put them in the oven at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes on a broiler pan.

While the kebobs were cooking, I took a small jar of pineapple-apricot preserves that I found in our pantry and melted the preserves with 4 tablespoons of butter and 3 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce on medium-low on the stovetop.  I also added a little of the pineapple juice left from the chunks I had layered on the kebobs.

When the kebobs had been cooking about 15 minutes, I removed them from the oven and brushed them well with the preserve mixture, keeping a little back to use when they were completely finished cooking.

Brushing the cooked kebobs with a little more pineapple preserves, I served them with rice and a salad with ginger dressing.

Overall this was a super-easy meal to prepared.  The prep time of chopping veggies and duck was longer than the cooking time.

Do you enjoy wild game?  How do you prepare it?

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**Please excuse the poor quality of photographs.  My camera was packed and I just had my iPhone.**