Happy Halloween!

A nurse, James Bond & a train engineer … they picked out their own costumes & dressed up this year.


 When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween.
~ Author Unknown
1. Caramel apples drizzled with chocolate & walnuts served up with a side of sour green apple popcorn 2. cupcakes fixed up like little ghosts 3. cheese ball witches hat … rolled in crushed blue tortilla chips


Hope your day is filled with sweets and treats!


Our Autumn Home

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.
~George Eliot 

It is so hard to believe October is just days from being over.  The days are shorter, nights are cooler and the trees are turning brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange.  We are enjoying our first South Carolina autumn in all of it’s brilliance this year.  While many people I know look forward to spring, I live for fall.  I love everything about fall:  the colors, the smells, the temperatures, the holidays, even the last showing of my roses …. It just makes me happy!

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
~Albert Camus 

Along with my love of fall temps, color, holidays, and of course football season is my desire to do a little deep cleaning and a lot of nesting.  Don’t you just love to add touches of the season throughout your home and enter the Christmas holidays with a sparkling home?  Not only are you savoring the season, your are encouraging everyone who enters your doors to savor this time of year as well.
And what a glorious time to savor!
I love the blessings I enjoy as a wife and homemaker, the privilege I have to make our house a home for my husband and children.

Is that an old-fashioned notion?  Probably so.

Is it necessary?  In our world today, yes it is!

Our homes should be havens from the world, a special place for our family to feel safe and secure.  As a homemaker, it is my privilege to see that a haven exists.

“If you are a housewife, take pride in that.”
Anthea Turner 

I have always wondered how much these things meant to my children as they do like to tease me over my overindulgence in celebrating the seasons.  As we visited with our oldest daughter, Samantha, over the weekend in Alabama, I noticed from the outside, in, her own little apartment was filled with autumnal touches.  These touches were things she took the time for and carefully placed with love to welcome everyone who comes though her door.
Your family does take note of the ways you make a house a home and appreciate them, even if they don’t say anything at the moment.
Here is a peak at our autumn home.


From the moment anyone walks onto our front porch, I want them to feel welcome and enjoy a visual taste of the season.
Full & colorful mums, assorted pumpkins, childish Halloween touches and a simple grapevine wreath with a burlap bow greet our friends and family.

I also love adding seasonal throughout the inside of our home, whether it be as an autumn accent on a shelf in the living room or a Halloween vignette for the child in all of us.
These are not usually over-the-top touches, but little things tucked here and there.
My kitchen is fairly simple, just a little pops of fun, like replacing candles with smiling jack-o-lanterns.
I like my kitchen to remain clear of anything that might make it nonfunctional or look cluttered, so something simple is all I need.


This little vignette in our dining room just makes me smile.

Our dining room is quite festive, filled with natural elements as well as a little fun, both which are pulled together for celebration of two autumnal holidays.
When I add Halloween touches I try not to make them dark.  Keeping it light and fun, sometimes elegant for the adults is my primary goal.

Our tabletop display of natures bounty.
Our Thanksgiving dishes arranged with pumpkin soup tureens and colorful leaves  fill the china cabinet gifted to us from Audley’s grandmother before she passed away.

“The cheerful joyous season,
the Autumn time is come.
With song and shout we welcome
The Golden Harvest Home.”
~Author Unknown

I always love to prepared a fun Halloween themed dinner for our children and then dig into those fabulous fall recipes tucked away for harvest favorites, and use my soup tureens and Harvest dishes for serving.  While we eat at the table together every night without fail, my kids and especially Audley really love when I light a few candles and set special table for our meals.  If you don’t think your family will notice, go all out one night.  Believe me, you will have their undivided attention!

Creating an inviting atmosphere for your family will encourage conversation and most definitely brings all closer together.

My week is crazy ….. Audley is out of town with work again and I am spending every waking moment preparing for a wedding that I am catering from dinner to cake this weekend, to serve 100.  It’s a huge deal for me, and I hope that I have wonderful details to share as I put it all together.

Have a wonderful week!

My Halloween Tabletop

While on the subject of tables this week, I thought it might be fun to set my own “spooky” table for supper one night.
I went a little more formal than MacKenzie, but it made suppertime a lot of fun.





 For my table I used miniature pumpkins and gourds spray-painted silver for an elegant and dramatic flair.  Black spiders added an eerie touch to them and kept the theme from my vignette going.  I continued the spider theme  with a black spider web tablecloth that I found years ago at a craft fair and purple tea-light candle holders etched with spider webs.  The purple and black actually fit nicely with the silver pumpkins.  For our dinner napkins, I took plain white cloth napkins purchased at HomeGoods and dyed them with RIT gray.  It was quick and easy, and gave me just the color that I needed to match my theme.  The spider web bread plates also came from HomeGoods.  As for candles, check out Hobby Lobby’s selection.  I have never been disappointed in the variety of pillar candles that they carry throughout the seasons!



I wish I had time to set the table this creatively every night!

I also took my decorating a little beyond the table for a lingering holiday vignette.

I just love the idea of silver pumpkins! These are faux pumpkins that I bought at Michael’s on clearance last season.  They painted up nicely.  Fake spiders add just the perfect Halloween touch.


We are planning a rather subdued Halloween this year as we will be away on our annual extended family camping trip this weekend.  And I don’t mean in a camper or cabin.  We will rough it with no electricity.  In a tent.  In the cold.  Sleeping in sleeping bags.  And cooking over a fire.
I am not a camper, but hey, we all have to step out of our boxes from time to time to make sure the rest of the family is having fun.  It’ll be entertaining to say the least.
Happy Halloween Y’all!

Table Matters

Setting the table is not high on the list of things people like to do in their homes.  Why set a table when you can easily eat off of paper plates, eat in front of the television, or just go out to eat?  I know the feeling.  Sometimes I am just not in the mood.  I stack plates on the counter-tops and basically tell the family to fend for themselves, especially while school and extracurricular activities are in full swing.

While this is convenient, I am seriously doing my family, especially my girls, a disservice.  First, they deserve to be treated special and sit down to a table set special for them, and secondly, my girls, and even my son, need to know how to set a table.  It is an art that is being lost to the world of fast food and entertainment.

After all, Proverbs 31 reminds us that A mother “should watch over the ways of her household.”  So, it is truly up to me to create an escape from the fast paced world to a cozy night in at home around the dinner table as well as teach my children ways to care for their future families!

In an effort to inspire me to make suppertime a little more special for the family and teach my girls some of the things that really are necessary for keeping home, I have enlisted their help in planning meals and setting the table.  What better way to begin this little project than with a Halloween themed supper?!

With a menu consisting of worm-filled eyes (Shrimp stuffed mushrooms),

gangrenous body parts (spinach & cheese filled ravioli),

witches stew (French onion soup) and apple spice cake (you can’t make that sound gross!),

 I let MacKenzie have her try at setting the table for supper last night.


Using some pictures I had of table settings, she did a really good job putting the table together.  We didn’t need all of the extra silverware and glasses, but she did make sure we had all that was required for our meal from a salad fork to soup spoon, plates for our entree as well as dessert plates.

And after she had everything arranged, MacKenzie took the time to make her own spooky addition to supper with a witches brew.

An easy witches brew it is, with two scoops of lime sherbet and then fill the glass with ginger ale.


While the “chore” of setting the table was not high on her own list of priorities, it didn’t take long for her to really get into it and put forth a lot of effort.  She was proud of her table (and reminded me multiple times to make sure I mentioned she had set it!).  It sure made supper enjoyable for all of us!

Have you set your table this week?

I did want to take a minute to thank everyone for the e-mail and comments as we went through the loss of Audley’s grandfather last week.  We appreciated them all so much!