Creating My Office Space

When the Farmers Almanac predicted an extremely wet winter in the South, I think we all held high hopes that “wet” was the same as snow. But alas, it’s been rain, and a lot of it.

The one advantage of rain over snow is you can still get out and get things done, so today I thought I would give you a sneak peak of one of the rooms I’ve been working on in our home during this rainy season. As I share these first glimpses, I realized I haven’t shared anything about our home since we moved in two years ago!

Since we don’t have a home with a revolving door of teenagers anymore I wanted a grown up space where I could blog, read and study (I’m currently renewing my fitness trainer certification), and not worry about it being commandeered for other purposes. It’s been fun planning my little office, and here is where it began.

before catch-all space /

What a mess! A grandfather clock from the 1960s and a book shelf made by my Dad before I was born are just a couple of pieces stored in this room.

When we first moved in (and for months afterward) this room was the catchall room for miscellaneous pieces of furniture and boxes.

Office Space before /

As we unpacked and moved things around, I discovered we had the basic pieces for an office, but nothing matched.

The furniture left over also covered about 5 decades.

3 decades of furniture /

Oversized desk from the 1950s with a 70s bookshelf and a fairly new shelf from Target.

The walls downstairs are yellow (specifically “Lamplit” by Behr paint from Home Depot) and I didn’t want to have to repaint, so when planning my room my decisions had to fit with the color already there. It was actually easier than I realized when I found adorable throw pillows while shopping on St Simons Island last summer.

color combo /

Color combo; Hopefully we’ll have sunshine again in the future so this space doesn’t look so dark.

 The first color was all picked out, but while orange makes a great accent color, it is not a primary, at least for me.

Looking through magazines and Pinterest, and watching HGTV I noticed that turquoise paired well with orange and yellow, which led me to my second color.

With so much mismatched furniture from different eras I needed to figure out a way to pull it together, so I went with painting some pieces and completely removing others.

Painted Target Bookcase /

organizing office space /

painted furniture

I also had a few random things that I’ve hoarded over the years from yard sales and such, which once spruced up, gave me a little wall art.

yard sale finds /

Painted Home Interiors wall hangings


So my little room of eclectic furnishings is slowly becoming a cozy space where I can blog and read.

wall grouping /

There are still a few finishing touches to add, like a filing cabinet, side table and a couple of chairs, but hopefully all that will fall into place over the next couple of weeks!  I’ll definitely be sharing the finished space with you, but also the furinture pieces I chose to keep and refurbish.

I would love your input, so feel free to share your ideas!