First Yard Sale of the Season

Just before the rain and a high of 41 returned to our forecast today, we were able to enjoy a really nice weekend here in the ever weather temperamental sate of South Carolina.
Of course the beauty of a pretty first weekend of spring is that people start setting up for yard sales.
My parents were in town for the weekend as well, so along with Audley, we took off and hit up the first yard sale of the season, which happened to be just around the corner from our house!
We discovered a treasure trove of goodies as we browsed; antiques galore, especially dolls and dishes.  My mom actually found a doll that was made very similar to one that she shared with her sister as a little girl; one that was left outside and melted in the rain.
She thought it might have been made of chalk or something similar, but never knew.  Did anyone else ever have a dollie like that?
Tea Party anyone?


Just one of the beautiful dolls we discovered on our adventure
Boxes of vintage linens in the drive
As for dishes, what a variety!  From mid-century barware to 1930’s Depression glass and collectable plates galore, there was plenty to choose from.


I loved the antique butter presses …. but NOT the price tag!
My mother found several pieces marked with a “W” which is our family monogram.  When inquiring about the background, the woman who owned all of the beautiful wares (and had passed away a year ago) was a “Woolworth”.
As in the 5 & dime Woolworths.
How cool is that?
While I often browse more than I shop at yard sales (I need to have one myself!), I did actually purchase some neat goodies at this one.
I absolutely loved this hymnal from 1893 that I picked up for a dollar.  It was so neat to thumb through the book and realize that some of the hymns we still sing in worship on Sunday are well over a hundred years old!
The pretty red, white and blue tablecloth the book is laying on is a vintage 1960’s beauty that I grabbed for $5.  I thought it would be perfect for a Memorial Day or July Fourth picnic cloth.  Hopefully I will be able to clean it up nicely.
I loved this set of pink depression glass bowls from the 1930’s.  I wasn’t going to get them, but my sweet hubby talked the owner down from $75 to $40 ( yes, you can bargain at yard sales).  I must admit, they are beautiful and still look nearly perfect.  I wondered if they had ever been used.


I also picked up this really pretty mid-century cocktail pitcher with the original blown glass swizzle stick for $5!  I was so excited because it fits just perfectly with my bar car that I restored a couple of years back.
Momma discovered a old camera from the 1950’s that she had to have.  She also purchased a couple of the table linens and two antique pewter items;  a pitcher monogrammed with a “W” and a tea pot stamped with 1886 on it.
In researching the latter on Ebay we found similar pots selling for over $400 dollars!  I would say she really lucked out!
I don’t know how many more casual weekends we will be able to enjoy this spring, but I sure enjoyed this one without any demands.  Hopefully we’ll get to hit up a few more yard sales or flea markets soon!

The Country Living Fair

While the calendar says autumn doesn’t end until December 21st, we all know it really ends this of this week as we celebrate Thanksgiving and usher in all the fun and excitement of the Christmas holidays!
After attending the Country Living Fair at Atlanta’s Stone Mountain a couple of weeks back I have both seasons with their wonderful holidays filling my heart at the moment!  With a quiet Thanksgiving Day here in South Carolina planned for Audley and the kids, I am planning a magazine worthy spread (MAD magazine of course) to celebrate this day of gratitude to make staying home a little more special.  This will be just before Christmas explodes in the house Thanksgiving night and Friday as we deck the halls and fa-la-la ourselves into festive cheer!
Yes, I found so much inspiration and fun at the CL Fair.  There were antiques.  There were decorations.  There were cooking demos.  There were craft demos.  And then there was this tower of pumpkins and gourds.
All of it just set off this little spark of creativity that I haven’t had in quiet sometime!
Won’t you take a stroll through the Fair with me and see what all has fueled my holiday spirit?

Vendors from all over came and set up their craft, antique spaces, as well as bit of fresh local baked goods and homemade soaps and candles.

HGTV’s Cash & Cari was there all day


Sweet little hanky cards



Vintage Christmas ornaments
Homemade soaps … they smelled divine!

I loved all of the variety and while I thought some altered crafts were just not my cup of tea, and other things were a bit too pricey, I did find a gorgeous small milk glass candy bowl the perfect size for my living room shelves and a set of absolutely stunning pink depression glasses that will be adorning our Thanksgiving table filled with chocolate pecan pie triffles!

The lady who ran this particular antique booth was just so sweet and took great care in wrapping my glasswares.  She has a booth that she runs regularly in Illinois.  I do believe I would love to visit her sometime!


Mismatched recovered furniture seems to be the latest trend in decorating.  We saw a lot of this while walking through the vendors.  I can’t decide what I think of it, but I think my teenage daughters loved the idea of it!

The always fabulous Sisters on the Fly had a small encampment set up showcasing a couple of the antique campers remodeled for weekend girl’s get-aways.



I absolutely loved the anglophile themed camper.  So much fun!




I tried to steer clear of the cooking demos as I have enough temptation (and planned cheats) coming up in the next couple of days.  They did look so much fun though and I am sure next year I will check these out and not feel so pressured!

I did love the unique table settings set up in the pavilion showcasing Country Living decor that draws us to their magazine each month.





One of my favorite demos was on the main stage with Heather Patterson, blogger At the Picket Fence.
Heather really got my creative holiday spirit going with her demo on simple DIY Christmas trees.


So much fun and so many ways to decorate up cones to match your themes and decor for this holiday season!



Heather is just so sweet.  I met her a year ago at the Southern Bloggers Conference in Raleigh and was glad that I was able to see her again.  She has also been on a weight loss journey and has lost 75 pounds to date!  I m so excited for her, and isn’t she just gorgeous?!


The day itself was so lovely with all of it activities and sights to see.  MacKenzie had band competition in Atlanta, so she was with the band while we were killing time before her performance.  I gave Madeline and Bradley a little money and let them do a little Christmas shopping.  They enjoy events like this for shopping.  So many fun and unique options.

The Country Living Fair has many locations through-out the autumn season.  I highly recommend that if there is one near you that you check it out.  It’s such an enjoyable time!

{Shopping} Scott’s Antique Market

With temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s with gorgeous days to accompany it, everyone is getting out and about shopping yard sales and flea markets.

A couple of weekends ago I spent the day at Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta on a shopping trip led by designer blogger, and friend; Eddie Ross.  Open the second weekend of every month, Scott’s has something for everyone; from interior designers to DIYer’s the market is quite busy with everyone looking to score that perfect find!

I set out on my antique market adventure not only to look for a few things for our home, but to enjoy  smart, practical and creative ideas from Eddie.

From adding to collections to just finding a great bargain, there are several reasons people venture out and shop the antique markets or yard sales.  Me?  I love the thrill of finding that perfect piece of furniture to restore!

Shopping with Eddie is always an informative event.  He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to antiques and not afraid to step outside the box when it comes to creativity.  This is the third time over the last couple of years I have gone on one of his excursions and each time  I have come away learning something new.

As you venture out this spring and summer looking for your must-have item or just window shopping, here are some wonderful ideas and suggestions from Eddie for decorating and entertaining with those second-hand finds.

**Look to turn the vintage into something modern.  Turn a vase into a lamp; rewire or paint a vintage lamp.  It’s an easy job that may cost you about $25.

**Mix and Match metals throughout the house:  brass & silver, silver & iron (my favorite combo) for an eclectic mix of modern and traditional.  Don’t take it to the extreme and keep the look cohesive.

**When looking to set a table, it doesn’t have to be matchy- matchy.  Use a solid color charger with a plain white plate and a vintage salad plate.  Take the same color of china but different patterns to set your table.  I love the look of Blue and Brown transfer-ware alternating seats at the table.  A red/black or black/blue combo would also look lovely.

**Take vintage postcards photocopy on card stock and glitter the edges to use for place cards during the holidays.

**When looking for serving pieces let your imagination run wild with ways you can use odd pieces.  A 2-tiered marble topped side table would be lovely lined with large hosta or magnolia leaves topped with fresh vegetables and dip or other assorted hors d’oeuvres.

**Collect pieces that can go from formal to casual like milk glass or ironstone.  Use different styles for creating interest on a buffet from flat bowls to pedestal.  Elevate your pieces for effect.

**Use vintage tablecloths to brighten your outdoor picnic.

**When decorating a room don’t start with paint and work around it; choose a rug, a picture, a piece of furniture, or even china and draw your color from it.

**The quickest and easiest way to update a room is through pillows.

**Looking for easy artwork?  Try botanical pictures from an antique book.  Decorating a child’s room?  Take pictures from vintage storybooks; mat and frame for one of a kind pieces on the wall.  Matting and Framing does cost, but the end result is so worth it.

**Another great idea for wall art is to make a shadowbox showcasing old broaches or antique buttons.

**Don’t be afraid to give an antique gift at your next baby or wedding shower.  Anyone can go into Babies-R-Us and purchase a gift, but think how treasured a one-of-a-kind gift would be?  From silverware to ivory handled knives, think unique.  I know one of my favorite wedding gifts was a piece of my grandparents silver.  Not new, but loaded with personality!

Don’t you just adore this set of baby silverware?

**Need hostess gifts?  Think of a silver olive fork tied to a jar of gourmet olives, a set of salt cellars, or a gorgeous monogrammed tea towel or set of pillowcases.  Laundered and pressed these are unique and memorable gifts.

If you ever have the opportunity to shop with Eddie, I highly recommend that you try and attend.  He usually keeps events posted on his blog or Facebook page.  I promise you will have a really good time!

Next time you are out and about scouring the market or yard sale I hope you can find something ordinary that gets your creativity flowing!


Vintage Me

What is it about these classic, gorgeous bowls that take me back in time?
It has been a long standing family joke that I was definitely born in the wrong time period.  I may enjoy life in this modern world, but I adore the Victorian and Post Depression eras.  From the simple pleasures of days gone by to vintage treasures found, I love my time lost in the past.


So, when my mother-in-law (who often feeds my vintage desires) offered me this rare set of four Fire King nesting bowls that she had acquired, I couldn’t say “YES!” quick enough!



When Fire King is mentioned, jadeite is often the first thing that comes to mind.  It was cheap, durable and very popular after World War II as home life was returning to normal.  But, Fire King made so much more, including a gorgeous turquoise line of dishware.  Made only between 1956-1958, this turquoise blue Swedish Modern Bowl Set is rarely found with all four bowls intact.  What an awesome find by the mother-in-law!
And with just a little editing magic, freshly picked cucumbers and eggs gathered from our hens look as if they were made for this classic bowl!


Do you have that special item in your kitchen that takes you to a time long past?