The Wedding

Our daughter is now a wife.
It seems so surreal.  It seems just like yesterday that I fell in love with this adorable little girl at church and soon thereafter met her father, fell head over heels in love and married him!
Audley & Samantha
Seventeen and half years after Audley and I walked down the aisle, he walked his daughter down the exact same aisle where she and the love of her life were married by the same man who married Audley & I …. my father.
I cried.
So did Audley.
Samantha was beautiful.  There is no denying it.
Of course as her mom I have the right to say this.
It was a sentimental day.
Samantha wore my pearl earrings, a gift from Audley to me on our wedding day.
Her ring bearer’s pillow was made by my mother using fabric from two shirts, one belonging to her great-grandfather and the other to her great-grandmother, both who passed in the last year.
And I made her cake.
And the peppermint bark.
And the cheese wafers, chicken salad, peanut butter cups, cheese platter, pimento cheese, and the champagne punch.
(Samantha picked her menu…. she likes cheese)
The ceremony was beautiful.
It was really sweet.
But the most precious part of my day was adding another son to our family.
I couldn’t be a more proud, happy and very tired mother.
Happy Monday Y’all!

Just Eight Weeks

I’m sitting here having an emotional mother-of-the-bride moment this morning.
In just 8 weeks, this three year old little girl that I fell so in love with seventeen years ago when I met, then married, her father will become a wife.
I always said there would be no “steps” in my house, and I meant it.  I love Samantha as if she were my very own flesh and blood.  And, I am so proud of the woman she has become, knowing with full confidence she will be a wonderful wife and companion to Justin.
Here come the tears again…..

*Wedding Gift Inspiration*

 If there is one thing I have learned over the course of my marriage, couples can have a lot of fun in the kitchen together!
We might be cooking, we might be throwing food at each other, we might be entertaining guests together, but some of mine and Audley’s best conversations and most memorable times have come as we prepared meals together.  I have always maintained magical things happen in the kitchen.  As we have welcomed more people to our kitchen, it has become even more of a special place.
The kitchen is also the center of our home.  It’s where I connect with my kids after school and enjoy “story-time with Kenzie” (kind of like chasing rabbits from one field to another for an hour every afternoon), catch up on middle school drama with Madeline, or listen to the details of the latest book my Bradley is reading.
Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a wedding shower of a sweet young lady from church. I love wedding showers.  It’s so much fun to watch an eager young bride tenderly opening presents as she is anticipating where they will go in her new home.  As I pondered what to give as a gift, I reached for a cookbook.  So many young girls don’t know how to turn on a stove when they marry, much less cook a meal for their husband.  I thumbed through the cookbook thinking of  some of the wonderful moments spent with my husband in the kitchen and had the desire to pass it on.
The cookbook I chose was the Pioneer Woman.  I love this book as all of her recipes are so simple.  We all like simple, especially when most of our days are anything but!  I also chose this book because of the detail Ree puts in recipes.  The clear color step-by-step recipes are a comfort when you are working in unfamiliar territory.


For the gift I added a serving spatula and a dish towel, in which I wrapped the book.  Tied up with a blue ribbon, it was a very unique presentation.


My girls thought it was silly, but I thought it was charming.  You can never have too many towels in the kitchen!  And a serving piece?  We all need them!  I included a card with a note and tip for the newly married couple:  always date each other.  You might not remember what movie you saw at the theater, but setting a pretty table, cooking a meal together?  
I promise, it’ll be a date you will remember.


The shower was memorable for me as I was asked to make the cake that was to be served.  It was a pleasure to make something so simple for such a wonderful occasion.
Moving week has arrived…. 

The Wedding Cake

Five months ago, one of my long time girlfriends called to tell me she was engaged to her Prince Charming, and she wanted me to do the wedding cake for her big day!
Mark & Alicia

No pressure, right?  

I make birthday cakes and the occasional treat for friends and family…. it’s a hobby.  I am not a pro!

I was quite flattered and a nervous wreck all at the same time.  After-all, a girl’s wedding day is the biggest day of her life!  Everything is supposed to go perfectly!

    After five days of baking, tears of frustration, little sleep,  and recurring nightmares of my cake being the next to appear on the Cake Wrecks blog, my first large wedding cake seemed to be a success.
Made using my White Chocolate cake recipe, iced with buttercream and covered with fondant (my hubby is a good man for rolling all of it!)  From the very top of the cake, down through each tiers, I tried to make sure every detail that my sweet friend wanted would be included.
It was not perfect (which is the advantage of ribbon and pearls and flowers), but it was filled with love and admiration for Alicia.
And when it was all assembled and standing as the eye-catching centerpiece of the reception room, I actually felt proud of it.


And Alicia?  She told me it was everything that she wanted!


But, this was not the only cake I made for this weekend, I also did the groom’s cake!


For this Tennessee cake, I made a traditional butter cake with key lime filling.  It was also covered with buttercream and fondant.


Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and return to my kitchen for the family.  They had their fill of sandwiches last week and are ready to eat!
Have a great Monday!