Beginning My Autumn Decorating

With temperatures still hovering in the upper 80’s and 90’s I am really struggling to find my fall decorating mojo.  Despite things going slow around here I did sit down to craft a little “wreath” for our fireplace in the living room last week.

Using an old picture frame (that was originally painted red), an adorable little elf, wheat, wooden sprigs, berry garland along with a small pumpkin and pinecones, I managed to assemble a sweet and super simple little piece that has my soul bursting to add even more autumn touches around the house!

Nothing like getting down and creating something no matter how simple it may be!

Nothing like getting down and creating something no matter how simple it may be to get you in a festive spirit!

After spraying my formerly red frame with Gold Krylon stone textured finish paint I picked up off the clearance rack at Michael’s, I let it sit 48 hours to completely dry.  Southern humidity has a way of messing with paint, so I didn’t want to take any chances with my frame.

I didn’t have a huge amount of accents to add to my frame.  I wanted to keep it simple and festive, so that is exactly what I did.  Using a hot glue gun to attach elements, I created a corner of autumn accents that featured my little elf as the centerpiece.


My floral elements were all found at Michael’s Craft Store and were marked 40% off.

I attached my elf using floral wire that wrapped around his waist under his jacket as to not damage him when I take the wreath down at the end of the season.

I debated quite a bit about adding ribbon, but after looking at the partially finished wreath decided that a festive bow in the top corner finished it off quite nicely.


As I previously mentioned, I am just getting started on my decorating this season.  Our fireplace area is quite large and does not have a mantle, so the “wreath” seems a little lost.  I am busy trying to come up with a few ideas to highlight the area and make it a focal point as we entertain this season.


If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!  Decorating a hearth can be a challenge when it doesn’t have a mantle.

OH! If you like my little Elf, he is by a company called Raz.  You can purchase them online (, but I found mine in a sweet little holiday shop in downtown Hendersonville, NC.  I love to shop local, so I will be returning for more holiday goodies as the seasons change.

I hope that you have a fabulous week!


Making a Winter Wreath

After all of the Christmas decor is packed away and stored in January, our home always feels so empty.  In some ways I am relieved to have things back to normal, but then again I miss the color and twinkling lights that brighten up many a gloomy day.

Sometimes I add fresh flowers in the living room or kitchen for a little pop of color, and even weave twinkle lights through houseplants,  but this year I decided to make a couple of winter wreaths; one for the front door and one for our kitchen since these two areas receive the most traffic in our home.

With Punxsutawney Phil predicting 6 more weeks of winter I figured there was plenty of time left to enjoy a winter wreath, so I thought I would share a few tips for creating your own wreath.

Making a winter wreath is actually quite easy and you can utilize a few Christmas items to help create a little color that celebrates winter.

Making a Winter Wreath

To make a simple winter wreath you need an evergreen wreath, stems of red berries or other colorful floral stems, Floral decorations such as winter birds, etc, small twigs or branches, contrasting greenery (real or artificial), pine cones, or any other “fluff” that fits you decor or personality, artificial snow for flocking, wire cutters, 22 gauge wire, a hot glue gun, and an optional focal point.

supplies for making a wreath

I chose a focal point for both of my wreaths; a monogrammed “J” and a miniature pair of snow skis.

Assembling the wreath is quite simple.  If you are flocking your wreath with  artificial snow, do that first and allow time for it to dry.


While the “snow” is setting, can begin cutting apart the floral stems with wire cutters; you can leave them in clusters or singles depending on the look you want.

floral picks

I used a combination of real and artificial “fluff” for my wreath

Using odd numbers of floral stems (3, 5, or 7’s) work from the outside in, to begin framing your wreath.  Work in one direction (I aways work clockwise) and if you have chosen to have a focal point, work away from it.

Work from the outside in when framing you wreath with floral picks.  Make sure all of your elements are going the same direction.

Work from the outside in when framing you wreath with floral picks. Make sure all of your elements are going the same direction.

Add texture to your wreath using holly leaves, etc., and contrast color by using multiple shades of green and red.  On the kitchen wreath I used fresh holly and for the front door I used sparkly green twigs.  If using twigs or branches for texture, make sure they have a little personality.  Using fruit, artificial birds, lotus pods, pinecones…. also make great focal items.  You don’t have to use a ribbon!

Once you lay out how you want your wreath to look and are happy with it, you can begin gluing or wiring in the accents to complete the wreath.

Ready to attatch all of my elements

Ready to attach all of my elements

I chose to hang my wreath with the skis in the kitchen ( I apologize for the poor lighting)…..

Kitchen wreath

and the one with a monogram on our front door.

This one is actually quite visable and cheery as you walk up our front steps.... and can be seen fromt he road as well.

This one is actually quite visible and cheery as you walk up our front steps…. and can be seen from the road as well.

They aren’t huge accents (although you can use as big of a wreath as you would like), but are just the right size to add a touch of cozy, winter decor to our home.

Do you like to decorate in the winter or do you just do the holidays?

Until Next Time, 


Easy 4th of July Wreath

With the weekend off from work and actually finding myself at home, I managed to enjoy a little DIY time for myself.  July 4th is just a couple of weeks out, so I decided to take time and create a fun wreath for the front door.

The last couple of years I have tried a grapevine wreath and just didn’t care for how it turned out, so this year I went a different direction.  I used a lot of things that I already had here, only having to pick up ribbon & two floral sprigs from Michael’s to finish up. Taking an old Christmas wreath, I spray painted it black using paint.  This created a background that I thought would allow my red, white and blue to really pop.

Dollar General spray paint works just fine to cover an old wreath for this project.

Dollar General spray paint works just fine to cover an old wreath for this project.


The wreath, baubles and most of the ribbon were things I already had on hand.

I took a metal initial that I have had for several years and attached it with hot glue.


Next I placed red and silver Christmas balls around for a little something different.  I tied the ornaments on with royal curling ribbon and made little whimsical curls all around.  The red bow was made using 3-inch wired satin ribbon.  I also used sheer white ribbon with wire to make little curls scattered around the wreath.


My firework topper for the wreath

 The firework element was made from a couple of red sparkly elements leftover from Christmas mixed with red, white and blue “fireworks” I found at Michael’s.

Curls and sprays and bows and balls add so many layers of texture

Curls and sprays and bows and balls add so many layers of texture

I was super excited about the way it turned out and think it’ll be a perfect decoration for the rest of our summer break.

Brightening up my front door

Brightening up my front door

If you like the firecrackers also decorating my porch, you can find the tutorial for those here.

A splash of color on my very neutral porch

A splash of color on my very neutral porch

Stop back by later this week for a little more Fourth of July inspiration!


Easy Spring Wreath

I had fully intended to not decorate for Easter this year.

It’s not that I am not feeling springy or anything like that, it’s just with three teenagers staying quite occupied with school, and youth group,
and wrestling,

The “I’m trying to be intimidating look”

 and Winter Guard, 

MacKenzie is in all black….

and track, 

Look at my baby jump!

AND a husband who is traveling with boiler outage season, AND me spending so much time in the gym and playing chauffeur, decorating just didn’t seem practical.

{And for you English majors, please ignore the structure of my previous sentence.}

But then, my girls asked when I was going to pull out our cute little decorations and decorate for Easter.


Epic Fail.

So here it is, two weeks before Easter and I have been trying to do a little seasonal sprucing, just for the teenagers.

It’s not much, but on short notice, sometimes just a touch is all you need, especially when chocolate is incorporated into the decorating.


Over the weekend I put together this fun little wreath for our front door.


You can make one too, using things left from Easter past!
 eggs (blown & glittered or plastic)
Easter grass
a decorative bunny, chick, or duck
grapevine wreath
& of course the hot glue gun
The little sock bunny is from Cracker Barrel several years ago … I bought five of them for a $1 each after Easter!


This is a super quick and easy project if you go the plastic egg route.
I like to make a mess play in glitter, so I went the blown egg/glitter route.



 I adore the look of the final glittered egg, so I was OK with my mess.

After you have all of you necessary items gathered to work with, just start gluing.

Seriously, there is no wrong way to assemble this wreath.   I wanted mine to have sort of a basket affect, so all of my grass is at the bottom with the eggs and bunny added to fill in and my ribbon at the top.

Super easy, really cute, and if you don’t glitter your eggs, a fifteen minute project.

And we ALL like an easy project!

I hope you are getting a taste of this gorgeous spring weather we are having in South Carolina!

It wont be long until winter will pass for good!