Easy Roast Chicken

Madeline and I arrived home from our ten-day mission trip to Cuba on Tuesday afternoon.  After sleeping off our exhaustion, I was ready to get back into the kitchen for something not fried and didn’t involve rice and peas!

This one-pan dish is so easy, versatile and “clean” that I’m not even going to write up a recipe for it.  Even the most inexperienced of cooks can put this together for family or even serve it up for company dinner!

It’s just that simple.

Prepped-One-Pan-Chicken-Dinner | ohfiddledeedee.com

Whenever I roast anything in the oven I always use a Lodge skillet.

{It just makes food taste even better!}

I took my largest pan (I love this with the handles on each side), and drizzled olive oil on the bottom, then arranged chicken breasts and thighs in the pan.

Easy-One-Pan-Chicken-Dish-prepped | ohfiddledeedee.com

Next I added fingerling potatoes and lemon halves to the pan, after squeezing the lemon juice over the chicken.  Season with dried garlic (I LOVE this stuff), pink Himalayan salt and pepper, and top with your favorite herbs.  I used tarragon mixed with green onion, but you can use parsley, rosemary, basil or any other that you prefer!

Simple-One-pan-chicken-dish | ohfiddledeedee.com

Roast in the oven for about 50 minutes on 375, ocassionally spooning the juices over the chiken & potatoes.  Remove when the internal temp of the chicken is 165 degrees at it’s thickest part.

One-Pan- Easy-Chicken-Dinner | ohfiddledeedee.com

Seriously, it’s that easy.

It doesn’t matter what level cook you are, a meat thermometer is your best friend when cooking chicken, roast, pork, etc… accurately.

Easy-One-Pan-Chicken-Dinner | ohfiddledeedee-com

This roast chicken is so pretty you can serve it right from the pan!  Just be sure to protect you tabletop or counter from the heat.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Next week I hope to begin sharing our Cuba travels with you all!  Be sure to stop back by!


Luncheon for the Girls

Having spent much of my growing up years in the metro area as well as living in the metro a couple of times in our marriage, moving to Atlanta back in March was almost like coming “home” for me.

Home is such a comforting place and a welcoming word.  Just like we want our families to feel comfortable and welcome in our home, I also try to make each person who comes through the door feel the same. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s teenagers or adults, old friends or new, or even the Marine recruiter, I want everyone who crosses our thresh hold to know we love having them in our lives and treasure them.

Earlier this week I was so excited to open our new home to an old friend and fellow blogger, Tami Reed (Talking with Tami) for a luncheon and afternoon of girl chat. Tami is an Atlanta area lifestyle blogger who shares fashion, beauty, film, and travel.  She always has something exciting going on!

talking-with-tami | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Tami checking out a sweet little bird’s nest that we found on the deck with little ones in inside!

It doesn’t matter what stage in life you are, us ladies need good friends!  Tami and I both have sons who will be seniors this year, husbands who travel for work and a desire to enjoy each and everyday so we have a lot in common which always makes for enjoyable moments.

Girls-Luncheon | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

With a little extra time on my hands, I found it fun to set a pretty, yet simple table using my vintage Noritake china and roses from Kroger.

Simple-Girls-Luncheon | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Table-Setting-Girls-Luncheon | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

{You know I love fresh flowers & they don’t have to be expensive!}

Girl-friends-luncheon | fiddle-dee-dee

Orange-Riesling-Chicken | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

The roasted green beans were really good with a touch of the orange-riesling sauce.

On the menu was a flavorful resiling orange chicken (adapted from a Williams-Sonoma recipe from years ago), roasted green beans, spring greens with herbs, crisp veggies & French vinaigrette, and fresh berries and cream for dessert.

Berry-Bowl | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Simple with few ingredients, delicious and ready in 35 minutes…. the perfect recipe for company dinner!

Click here for the full Chicken in Orange-Riesling Sauce

We really enjoyed the afternoon catching up with each other lives and it just really felt good!

Girl-Friends-Lunch | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

What are some of the things that make you feel “home”?  I would love to hear your ideas!  

Have a fabulous weekend!


Eat a Dish for Make-A-Wish

Last night I had the to opportunity to dine at Maggiano’s Little Italy, sampling their fabulous brunch menu and learning about their amazing partnership with the Georgia Make-A-Wish foundation.

Make-A-Wish | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Maggiano’s has partnered with MAW for fourteen years now and raised over $7 million dollars in the process!  This year Maggiano’s is offering the opportunity for everyone to help raise money by offering “Brunch with a Purpose”.

Who doesn’t love a casual brunch on the weekend?

maggianos-creme-brulee-french-toast | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

With each brunch entree purchased $1 goes directly to the Make-A-Wish foundation.  With the funds raised this year, Maggiano’s is looking to grant their 1000th wish for a child whose life has been affected by life-threatening medical conditions.

Brunch-With-a-Purpose | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

maggianos-smoked-salmon-for-brunch | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Last night at “Brunch with a Purpose” we were able to learn much about the partnership Maggiano’s has with MAW, meet one of the children they have granted a wish to, and sample much of the brunch menu.

Make-A-Wish-Child | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Ellie, an eleven year old MAW child, was on hand to assist Chef Thomas Wenning making lemon ricotta pancakes… Oh my goodness these were fabulous!

Maggianos-Little-Italy-ATL | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Beside the Lemon Ricotta pancakes, we also tasted the crab-cake eggs benedict, meatball eggs benedict, creme brûlée French toast, a spinach frittata and the most heavenly bacon I’ve ever tasted!

Maggianos-Brunch-for Make-A-Wish | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Miaggianos-Brunch-Sample | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

Check out a glimpse of this fabulous brunch menu that reflects the Italian cuisine Maggiano’s is know for, combined with all your favorite brunch delights!

Maggianos-Brunch-Sampler | Fiddle-Dee-Dee

And if you want more pancakes, you can click right on Maggiano’s Lemon Ricotta Pancakes Recipe  and make them for the family every weekend!

maggianos-delicious-brunch | fiddle-dee-dee

 Now head out to your nearest Maggiano’s and “Eat a Dish for Make a Wish” before August 2nd!

Maggianos-Chicken-waffles-brunch |fiddle-dee-dee


Studio 67 Mats

Recently I was able to attend the inaugural launch of Studio 67 Mats hosted by the always gracious Steve and Jill McKenzie in Atlanta.  Steve is acting as the interim creative director as this new company is kicking off its product line.

studio-67-launch-steve-jill | fiddle-dee-dee

Studio 67 is a new line of beautiful household mats branching out from Kleen-Tex, popular maker of industrial mats.  I love using mats and rugs throughout our home, especially with all the hardwood and tile we have.  The versatility and pop of color they bring into a home really add to the welcome and comfort factor!

studio-67-mat-options | fiddle-dee-dee

Studio 67 Mats offer both color and pattern with the functionality of an industrial mat which means these mats really add to a space and are super easy to take care of.

Who doesn’t appreciate both function and design in their home?!

studio-67-mat-launch-2 | fiddle-dee-dee

The launch of these new mats was held in a high-end townhouse in Atlanta, and they looked fabulous in the setting.

So where can you use these fabulous mats?

In the kitchen…

studio-67-mat-launch | fiddle-dee-dee

In an entryway…

studio-67-mat-entry | fiddle-dee-dee

In the bathroom…

studio-67-mat-bath | fiddle-dee-dee

In the bedroom…

studio-67-mat-bedroom | fiddle-dee-dee

In the living room…

studio-67-mat-living-room | fiddle-dee-dee

I love that these mats are skid resitant, especially since I’ve added one to my own tiled kitchen floor for decor.

studio-67-mat-my-kitchen | fiddle-dee-dee

You know how rugs like to move around?  When our Corgi comes running into the kitchen because she heard the refrigerator open, this mat doesn’t move.  With my husband being a corporate safety director he was totally sold on the nonskid backing and the safety factor it adds to our home.

studio-67-mat-grip | fiddle-dee-dee

And the best part?  When I spill a drink or my son drops a slice of pizza on it, I can just throw it into the washer, then the dryer for easy clean-up.

studio-67-mat-kitchen-2 | fiddle-dee-dee

We chose the blue swirl patterned mat in the largest size available for our kitchen.  Even with toile curtains on the windows, it actually fits in with my decor and adds a touch of personality.

kithen-decor | fiddle-dee-dee

I’m planning to add a smaller rug under our little coffee station.

Madeline is wanting to use several of these mats in the kitchen and bath of her apartment as she heads off to college this fall.

Where could you use a colorful and functional mat in your home?

Click here to check out Studio 67 Mats and see what you think!

 And, be on the lookout… new colors and styles are coming this fall!