*Hissy Fits & Ironing Boards*

Monday morning a representative from the relocation company handling our move arrived to take inventory of our belongings and set a definite moving date.
After he left I just lost it.
With the fifth straight day of rain running down my windows, it seemed like every emotion that I have tried to keep under control for the last four months hit me all at once …. Audley and I living in separate states, loss of his grandfather, on the road constantly with high school sports, holidays, the pressures of single parenting, Audley’s mom having breast cancer, planning a wedding, trips to South Carolina or places in between for a rendezvous, purging the house of clutter (I’m sure not moving it), and now Audley’s dad in the hospital.

So what is any Southern girl going to do when everything seems totally out of control?!

I pitched a really big hissy fit.

{You can do that when there isn’t anyone watching you.}

I screamed, and yelled, and cried, and then broke down into hysterical laughter at how ridiculous I must look.

I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster; not necessarily a bad ride, but more like an endless one!
After my little fit, I put my big girl drawers on and decided to work my frustrations out by being productive.
I absolutely adore using cloth napkins, tablecloths, pretty aprons, pillow cases and vintage tea towels in both my decorating and everyday use.  While they are so very pretty, they do require maintenance.  I have not made the time to properly care for my pretty linens lately, so I set up my ironing board, turned on some relaxing classical music and set out to iron all of my pretties.
Monogrammed pillowcases …. sigh
After everything was pressed, carefully folded and neatly stored I felt so much better.
Tablecloths hanging neatly … how do you store yours?
 I never knew ironing could be so therapeutic.
How do you deal with annoying stress and winter blues?  I’m open for suggestions as February and our big move approaches I would hate to pitch another hissy fit!

4 thoughts on “*Hissy Fits & Ironing Boards*

  1. It sounds as if that hissy fit provided you with some necessary relief. I had no idea all the stress you are dealing with. That's a lot on anyone's plate. How about making an appointment for a massage or a pedicure and manicure? Sounds as if you could use a wee bit of pampering. Prayer is always good. Just leave it with the Lord because there are so many things that are beyond our control. You can only do what you can only do. Hugs to you…


  2. My hubby is also working out of town its been a few months now and I hate it! Its a lot of extra stress on me argh! I have meltdowns all the time. I didnt know you were moving and you just redid that pretty kitchen! Good luck and keep your head up! xoxo


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