The Depths of ……

It’s the day before Valentine’s, and I am in the depths of cupcake hell.  It sounds negative, I suppose, but it truly is a positive thing.  I just didn’t expect this little ad on Facebook to go so well.

“Looking for great cupcakes for your Valentine’s party? I can do cupcakes (in vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, white chocolate, or pink lemonade) topped with buttercream frosting for $10/doz. or fondant topped cupcakes for $15/doz.

Place your order now!”
Now, with Sunday afternoon slipping away, I have eight dozen cupcakes of assorted flavors sitting on my countertop waiting to be topped with scrumptious buttercream icing.  I still have to do cupcakes for my son’s class party tomorrow at school.
The things I manage to get myself into.

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