Let Them Eat Cake!

Who would have ever thought that my hobby would become such an important part of my life.  I may not be Duff Goldman or Buddy Valastro, when it comes to baking cakes, or a Colin Cowie the ultimate party planner, but in the last ten months I have ventured away from just being Mom and discovered a little of Jennifer.
From peanut-butter cupcakes for the workplace and basketball banquets ……
 to arranging fruit and veggie trays for a girlfriend from high school.



From taking the lead in decorating for our twenty year class reunion …..


to Samantha’s engagement party last month..
From hors d’ourves for a baby shower….
to cakes every month, now, I am seeing my hobby become a little more of my reality.



It’s something I never saw coming.
This past weekend I was asked to do a “jungle” cake for a 6 year olds birthday party.  It wasn’t the prettiest cake, but oh my, did it taste good!
Cake seems to be the flavor of the month as I am doing a bride and groom cake for a large wedding next week, and a birthday party the following week.
And this weekend I will be taking part in a Food Blogger’s Bake Sale in Atlanta to raise money for the Share Our Strength charity.
I am planning to do several basic cakes and cupcakes for this.  So, my friends, I am posing to you the same question that I asked my friends on Facebook…..
If you were to purchase a cake at a bake sale, what would you look for?
I look forward to reading your suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake!

  1. If I were to purchase a cake, it would have to be very special indeed because I'd think, “I could bake that at home.” So, first it would have to look beautiful, nay, gorgeous, and it would have to look as if I could NOT bake it at home. (I'm not sure that this is very helpful, but it is what comes to mind.) Wow, Jen! I am so impressed with what you're doing. I'm not at all surprised because it seems to be your God-given talent and something that you truly enjoy. A perfect combination!


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