Our Christmas Eve Table

As we are caught up in last minute Christmas preparations, I thought I would give you a glimpse of our Christmas Eve table this year.


I love a pretty table, but I also love for my table to be functional.  With an eleven year-old boy, fancy tablecloths are not functional.  He will make a mess.  I loved this table runner that Pottery Barn had this season.  It allowed me to decorate the table with a touch of linen and color.  It also made me popular with my three girls because polka dots are “just so cute!”
I also went with an informal placesetting:  dinner plate, salad plate, salad fork, dinner fork, teaspoon, and knife, tea glass, wine glass.  We just don’t need the extra silverware and plates for this dinner.
Here is a great reference for setting a table.  I use this chart with my girls.


I have heard so many debates on the practicality of Christmas dishes ….  to have them? Or, is it a waste of cabinet space?   I have two sets, which I love and use all season long!  These are by Johnson Brother’s and are a collection I began gathering together on Ebay several years ago.  I try to add a larger piece (serving platter, bowl, etc) every year, now.  The silverware are antique reproductions that we found at Neiman Marcus on clearance last winter.  The glasses were wedding gifts.  I have sparkling grape juice from the Biltmore House for the wine glasses.  It makes my children feel oh so special (and tastes really good, too!).



For a centerpiece, I also went for function.  I saw no need to fill the entire table with decoration, especially since my 11 year old will want to move stuff around and play when he thinks we aren’t looking.  I took an antique oil lamp, surrounded by garland and decorated it with beads and glass ornaments.  The pillar candles added just enough glow to create an old-fashioned ambiance.  I love the glow of candlelight.  It is so peaceful.
**FYI … don’t use scented candles in rooms where you are serving food.  It will change the flavor.


I love traditional touches throughout the house in all of my decorating, so these adorable reindeer from Pottery Barn worked wonderful.



With lights turned down low, and Christmas music playing in the background, this will be the setting for our little family dinner tonight before decorating cookies and watching a Christmas movie together.  I love this little tradition of togetherness we share each year.

Wishing you all much love and peace this holiday season!

3 thoughts on “Our Christmas Eve Table

  1. Festive and beautiful! I like the idea of dispensing with the tablecloth. I may have to follow your lead on that one with the grandsons. I can't expect them to be tidy and neat.

    Now what are you serving? =)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Jen!


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