If Momma Ain’t Happy ….

After a wild and crazy 10 months that consisted of my dear hubby (Audley) changing jobs and moving to South Carolina six months ahead of us, taking care of all the children mostly alone, bouncing back and forth between two states, death of Audley’s grandfather and other extended family illnesses, finally moving five hours away, Audley’s heart troubles and my own health wake-up call as I turned forty, I am getting a little break.
All three kiddos are away at camp this week so when Audley said he had to work near Tampa this week I packed my bag for a little MOMMA VACATION!
Honeymoon Island, Florida
It’s beautiful. It’s relaxing. And it is just the get-away I needed to refresh my tired mind & body.
My relaxing day on the beach.
And for those who are following my weight-loss journey (forty pounds so far!), I am sticking to my diet by carrying my own lunch food, as well as seasonings when I special order at restaurants.
Just a glimpse:  Tuna, Matzo crackers, no salt seasoning, Crystal Light, & no salt/sugar ketchup.
I hope this little Momma Vacation will benefit the whole family.  The old saying ……..
.……. really makes a lot of sense.  
It’s not a threat, but more of an observation.  My mood (while unintentional) often sets the tone of the entire household.  That thought is quite sobering.
I want to be a Godly wife and mom.  If I am discouraging my precious family, I am not doing what God desires.  What child wants to obey and honor a mother who is a grouch?!  And what husband wants to praise his wife who snaps at him when he walks through the door?
Proverbs 31:28

Do I make sense here?  Or have I finally flipped my lid?


3 thoughts on “If Momma Ain’t Happy ….

  1. You're making perfect sense. It's a lot like the message you get on the plane…put your own oxygen mask on first or the Scripture that says Love others AS you love yourself. Forty pounds? Wow! You're an inspiration, my friend.


  2. You deserve a vacay for sure! To make you smile even more, I know you love baking like me and Amy Atlas was in Atlanta! I just knew you were going to be there but forgot you moved away lol.Check out the pics when you get a chance! xoxo


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