November Weight Loss Update

So much has happened with me since April of this year.  It’s been kind of crazy to see and feel all of the differences going on with me.
Here is my later picture, taken over the weekend as our family camped in the Smoky Mountains…
I’m 60 pounds down and feel so much better than I have in years!  I am working out four days a week and my diet has become a lifestyle for our entire family.  It’s great to know that it is not too late to teach my children to make healthy choices.
This week I have two pumpkin pie recipes for you; a traditional pie that we all love (and slimmed down), and an even healthier version that we will be trying for the first time.  My goal is to enjoy the holidays, but to do so in a “good of you” way.  Let the menu planning begin!

5 thoughts on “November Weight Loss Update

  1. You look fantastic! I bet you feel so much better too.

    Good job! It's hard to change your eating habits. We started eating mostly vegan last November and have slacked off quite a bit and fallen into old habits. Salad as a main meal is wonderful in summer not so much now that it's getting cold!


  2. You and Audley look as if you've both always been happy, but now Audley looks positively smitten all over again! It makes me smile to see you both.


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