The Wedding

Our daughter is now a wife.
It seems so surreal.  It seems just like yesterday that I fell in love with this adorable little girl at church and soon thereafter met her father, fell head over heels in love and married him!
Audley & Samantha
Seventeen and half years after Audley and I walked down the aisle, he walked his daughter down the exact same aisle where she and the love of her life were married by the same man who married Audley & I …. my father.
I cried.
So did Audley.
Samantha was beautiful.  There is no denying it.
Of course as her mom I have the right to say this.
It was a sentimental day.
Samantha wore my pearl earrings, a gift from Audley to me on our wedding day.
Her ring bearer’s pillow was made by my mother using fabric from two shirts, one belonging to her great-grandfather and the other to her great-grandmother, both who passed in the last year.
And I made her cake.
And the peppermint bark.
And the cheese wafers, chicken salad, peanut butter cups, cheese platter, pimento cheese, and the champagne punch.
(Samantha picked her menu…. she likes cheese)
The ceremony was beautiful.
It was really sweet.
But the most precious part of my day was adding another son to our family.
I couldn’t be a more proud, happy and very tired mother.
Happy Monday Y’all!

9 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Such sweetness all around… Samantha is a beautiful bride and everything…the little details that made the day…are all woven into her memories and yours. All the very best to the new couple. May they fall more in love with each passing day.

    Now I hope that a nice nap is in your future and a bit of down time. =D


  2. Jen, she is just beautiful and I know you and Audley must be so proud. And that cake…wow….love the snowflakes and the heart bark. You must share how you made that! You must just be worn out so I hope you can relax a bit now and enjoy the season. xoxo


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