Southern Highlights

Just a quick post today as I am adjusting to my kiddos out of school for the summer and their crazy schedules!
Last Day of School Lunch with my kiddos
I sent three teenagers to school for their last day on Friday and came home with six.
Went to the grocery store and came home to eight kids piled up in my living room watching Disney’s High School Musical 2 (the summer edition).
Turned around and one more had joined the group.
It’s definitely summer!
In between swim team practice, wrestling camps, color guard practices, and our annual mission trip to Jamaica we are planning to be out and about this summer exploring some of the area in which we live and hitting a few Southern highlights along the way.
I want to invite you to join us by following me on Instagram!
Here is the full address to follow me under….
I will use the hashtag “southernhighlights” ( #southernhighlights ) as we are out and about traveling and exploring this summer.  If you are out I encourage you to hashtag your adventures as well.
I would love to see what everyone is up to this summer!
We’ve already been on the road quite a bit with a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina for a little NASCAR racing and then to Stone Mountain, Georgia for a little climbing.



I plan to share a lot of our adventures here on the blog, but there will be more pictures and stuff posted on Instagram and Facebook ( ).
We have also discovered several great restaurants that I can’t wait to share with you!
It’s looking to be a fun-filled and adventurous summer around here!  I hope you’ll tag along for the ride!

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